Insane Ride Week

Story By: Minna Case

In June 2016 I found myself in the northeastern corner of West Virgnia in a town named Triadelphia. The reason for my visit was Hoagy's Heroes Insane Ride Week where I was participating in two rides. I had signed up for the BBG (Bun Burner Gold) South and for the HillBilly 1,000. As faith had a different plan for me I didn't get to do the BBG due to a blown rear tire (thankfully no injuries and a huge shout out to Greg Blewett in Kentucky who came to my rescue) and instead I managed to salvage my ride by doing a "special SaddleSore 1,000" which Mike Kneebone approved even though it wasn't an official ride for the Insane Ride Week.

bradfarmer 12010 Tennessee Volunteer 1000

Story By:Brad Farmer

I had never ridden an Iron Butt event before, but had always wanted too. I was doing some searches on the internet for Iron Butt information and happened to find the "Tennessee Volunteer 1000" ride. This event was going to start out about an hour from where I live, and it was a "Hoagy's Heroes" long distance riders fundraiser as well, so I decided to sign up for it. I met up with the group at the hotel where they were registering everyone a couple of hours before the midnight starting time and started checking out all the bikes and chatting with some of the guys that were gearing up and getting ready.

jonathan bear murren2007 Ohio Dawn to Dusk 500

Story by: Jonathan "Bear" MurrenBear

People often ask what drives me to jump on the ol' scoot and take off for parts unknown, just to stop for gas and keep going. They wonder what loose screw in my noggin tells me to suck down highway miles like soda pop, stop in a sleepy town in the middle of the night, sleep for three hours, wake up and do it again. They can't fathom why I'd just ride straight through all those big cities and past tourist traps for the sake of racing the clock.

keith taylor 12008 Back to Back SaddleSore

Story by:Keith TaylorKeith

It all started with a review of the IBA website ( in 2007 under the events tab where I discovered a coast to coast ride from Jacksonville to San Diego. As fate would have it, mainly due to work availability, I was unable to attend. But I was able to review the Hoagy’s Heroes website ( and find out about the group that does only charity events to sponsor several charities: A Special Wish Foundation (, Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund (, and NHS Human Service Autism Schools ( While I really appreciate long distance riding, I think that it’s also important to remember those who can’t or may never be able to complete one. So, the hook was set, and somehow I would do a ride with the group. I also reviewed the history of the group and saw how much money that they had previously raised in past years.

4 aaronandstaci2008 Back to Back SaddleSore

Story by: Aaron and Staci Dearth

I have been with Hoagy and crew religiously as possible for the last two years, and I am at a dilemma on where to begin. I have been searching my mind on which ride over the last two years would be the ultimate one to tell the greatest story. I cannot choose they all have been perfect.

From the first ride my wife and I rode in 2007 Ohio Dusk to Dawn, where neither of us had done anything like this before and cruised Ohio to figure out we loved it.

bob bigduck tobitt 4CCBB Trip report:
(Includes an SS2K and an SS5K in completely separate legs)
Story by:Bob "Bigduck" Tobitt

This trip has taken months and months to organize and plan. From a seed of an idea back in July/August of 2008 and after some correspondence with Mike Kneebone the idea to run a new IBA ride which encompassed both a Border-to-Border AND a Coast-to-Coast in the same run gradually blossomed into a real ride! According to MS S&T the trip would be 3,750 miles long (Shortest distance). When I first suggested the ride as a new ride to Mike Kneebone his response was; “Yeah, That’s TWISTED”, so the new ride would be called the TWISTED CCBB Insanity and would have two levels; a standard level over 4 days (96 hours) and a Gold level over 3 days (72 hours). The ride would leave Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, proceed through the US and end in Rosarito, Mexico thus ensuring that all three countries and both oceans were visited in the same ride!

2008 Back to Back SaddleSore That Never Was!

Story by:Bob "Bigduck" Tobitt

So Where to begin. I suppose I should start with how I met Hoagy in the first place. It all starts in January 2008. I had done a couple of IBA rides, an SS1000 and a BBG1500 in 2007 and was surfing the web looking for information regarding long distance riding. I had already decided that I would ride Stafford, TX to Jacksonville, AFL in March for the IBA ride-in Pizza party when I found the Hoagy's Heroes website and contacted Hoagy through email. Hoagy doesn't like email so we started conversing by phone and when I told Hoagy I was riding in for the IBA Pizza party he immediately said that if he could get the time off work he would be there also just to meet me and a couple of buddies! After all it was only 900 miles from Hoagy’s home to Jacksonville. A mere jaunt for someone of Hoagy’s LD prowess.

bob bigduck tobitt 1Hoagy’s Heroes 2009 50CC/100CCC
Story by: Bob "Bigduck" Tobitt

Charles Dickens wrote “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ...” in “A tale of Two Cities” and it so perfectly sums up my CCC100 with Hoagy’s Heroes.

The “best of times” came with new friends and old friends and the “best of times” came when we hit the road and I got to ride with some of the best riders in the world.

The “worst of times” came when we hit rain in Ozona; When we struggled to see 50 yards ahead of us as we left San Antonio because of the rain and “It was the worst of times” when we sat on I10 for two hours while a major wreck which had blocked I10 was cleared away, and we thanked our respective higher powers that it wasn’t one of us being put into the helicopter and being taken away from the scene of the accident.

But I am getting ahead of myself …

bob ironwing wilson 12008 Back to Back SaddleSore

Story by: Bob "Ironwing" Wilson
I first started riding with Hoagy on a 500 mile Dawn to Duck run. While I was riding to sign up, I was thinking I can't go 500 miles without stopping, as I caught up to the last three riders leaving the sign in site for the run. But, from that point on it was ride, stop, get gas and go. Bill Yurisko filled us in on what we could expect on longer runs with Hoagy and what it took to get the IBA patch and pin at the end of the run. Well, I made it and after the run we had dinner, sat around and shot the bull, and had a great time and the best of all, I was hooked. Not to say that regular poker runs are not fun, but if you want to test yourself, your bike, and have an experience you'll never forget, ride with Hoagy and the awesome people who make up Hoagy's Heroes, Inc., and I guarantee you, just an ordinary poker run will no longer be enough.

Why I chose to ride for Hoagy's Heroes, Inc.
Story by: Gwen "Shoganai" Jorden

I would like to share my story about why I chose to ride for Hoagy's Heroes.
It started out as a vague feeling that gnawed at my comfort zone.
There was something missing. Something hard to define yet yearned to be expressed.
Motorcycling is a beautifully balanced dichotomy. It harmonizes the selfishly protected private helmet-time and the deep bonds of shared fellowship, unique among sports. I was looking for something positive in motorcycling. Beyond some new road, or horizon, or toy for the bike. My heart was seeking something perhaps less selfish.

james d musgrave 12009 Hillbilly 1000 SaddleSore

Story by: James D. Musgrave
Hello everyone, I just completed my second IBA sponsored Iron Butt 1000 miles in 24 hours ride on June 27th, 2009. I completed this ride in 17 hours and 1 minute flat. The ride was organized by Hoagy's Heroes Organization and took place entirely in the State of West Virginia. I would like to share some of my favorite experiences with other riders who may be thinking about doing a IBA ride and say thanks to the outstanding organizers, Hoagy's Heroes.

vincent cirota 1Appalachian Outreach 1000 mile Long Distance Ride

Story by: Vincent Cirota

For most experienced long distance motorcycle riders and Iron Butt Veterans, much of what I am about to say will not be a surprise, but may be helpful for other newcomers to long distance riding.

No matter if you’re a newcomer or a seasoned pro, you will not forget the experience of riding 1000 miles within 24 hours. This is the story of my experience while riding my first (non-official) long distance ride with Hoagy Carmichael.

bill n dorthy hanna 12009 Hillbilly 1000 SaddleSore
Story by:Bill an Dorthy Hanna

We completed the West Virginia "Hill Billy 1000" World Record Iron Butt yesterday, which was quite an interesting ride. We rode with the Organizer, Robert "Hoagy" Carmichael. Hoagy is a great person, and devotes his time to organizing Iron Butt events to raise money for less fortunate kids.

marvin knapke 22009 Hillbilly 1000 SaddleSore
Story by: Marvin Knapke

Hi everybody I wanted to write and let everyone know how much I enjoyed the Hillbilly 1000 world
record in state West Virginia ride. The longest I rode before this was probably less than 500 miles in a 24 hour period. I have read about long distance riding a lot over the years and thought I would like to try but always put it off because something would always get in the way. I decided that this time I would follow through on the ride because I read about Hoagy’s Heroes on their website and I was impressed by the way they helped children with the charity rides.

marvin knapke 12009 Dawn to Dusk 500
Story by: Marvin Knapke

Hello everyone on August 29, 09 I went on the dawn to dusk 500 with Hoagy’s Heroes. This was the 2nd annual 500 mile Autism Dawn till Dusk charity ride to support the NHS Autism Schools in Westmoreland County. This is one of the places where Hoagy’s Heroes helps children; this is one of the reasons that I found their organization so interesting.

2009 50CC Coast to Coast
Story by: Wade Moorefield

I arrived in San Diego after a long ride from Jacksonville, Florida with many stops and detours. I left Jacksonville on the 2nd of September with 8 days to kill and visit friends having until the 9th to arrive. I found myself 2,400 miles from home arriving at a hotel knowing no one. How did I ever get in to this? It all started with the click of the mouse. On the IBA site I noticed a ride that said Hoagy's Heros 50CC ride from San Diego to Jacksonville. Being the curious person that I am, I clicked the button and the next day I get an e-mail from some guy named Hoagy that acted as though he had known me all his life. This guy e-mailed, called and continually followed up to ensure I had all the info I needed to try my first 50CC. It was also going to be his last. Hoagy has done a 50CC ride among other IBA rides and gets people and businesses to sponsor him and his fellow riders in an effort to raise money for children's charities.

greg partridge 1Redefining the Weekend Warrior!!!
Story by: Greg Partridge

First off, I would like to apologize to the membership that I have not been more active this year. I hope to rectify this in the remaining quarter of the year. This lack of participation is not due to a lack of riding though, as I have logged 30,000 plus miles as of mid September. This is my best riding year yet, as I close in on my 150,000 mile rocker from the HOG Mileage program. Never when I bought my first Harley in March 2002 would I have imagined becoming such an avid distance rider, or thought I would accomplish what I have. I have a lot of the elder (in tenure) members of OHOG to thank for this.

anthony osborne 12009 100CCC (101stPathfinder)
Story by: Anthony Osborne

Where to start? A little history:
I fell in love with the concept of a sport tour cycle. Shopped the sites diligently for over 6 months, before I narrowed models down to the ST or FJR. A Tuesday night search on the "List" revealed an 05 FJR with only 8,000 miles for $4875. WHAT?? I called the phone # to find out that, across the state (Naples) at a Toyota dealership, an FJR was traded in on a new car. My first question: What's wrong with the bike?- I am still trying to figure that one out. Came with a top case and throttle lock too.

Story By: George Hellinger

Insane Ride Week. The name has a certain ring to it. When I talk about the enjoyment I get from spending long hours in the saddle (sit there, twist that), some of my friends – and my entire family, think I am nuts. So, when Hoagy Carmichael announced an event that offered three days of rides in June 2016, I penciled in the dates on my calendar. 2016 would be the year that I made it to Glen Dale, WV and meet many wonderful people who share the allure of long-distance riding.

My Ride Adventure

Story by: Greg Hunt

My Iron Butt adventure began about 10 years ago. I found Hoagy’s Heroes, saw what it was all about. I thought, now I like this idea. As Hoagy says how many times do you get do something you enjoy & help kids at the same time. Unfortunately the bike I had at the time was not up for the challenge. Now here it is 2016 I have a different bike a 1988 Yamaha Venture.

So in April I sign up for an in state Ohio ss1000. So here I am all excited about doing my ride on June 10th Now being a truck driver i have to take a yearly physical. I found out at my physical that because of the fact that I have an 18 inch neck (My neck size hasn't changed since I was 18 playing football in high school) I have to have a sleep study done on 10th of June. I had to postpone my ride. Turns out I have sleep apnea. I couldn't work for 2 months. When I got back to work I rescheduled my ride for September 25th. I go to work at 4am. So the night before I decided to treat it like a normal day.

Ride Report

Story by: Bill Karitis

Sometime in early June I found out that Hoagy’s Heroes was holding its first-ever rally. Although I was late to the party, I reached out directly to Hoagy Carmichael hoping he would be able to find a way to squeeze me into the rally. Even though the 12-hour rally was limited to 30 participants, Hoagy’s response was, “Of course, brother… I will never turn anyone away!”

bill k hoagyTime to get my motorcycle and mind ready to rally! I just finished the first ever Ride Around South Carolina Saddlesore on the Summer Solstice on June 20th, which left very little time to complete an oil change and rear tire change on my stead so I could head north to West Virginia on June 24th.


Story by: Tamica Wade

Soooooo I did a thing!! I participated in my FIRST EVER MOTORCYCLE RALLY!!! There were a lot of firsts this day!!

June 25, 2021 Hoagy’s Heroes Long Distance Riding Motorcycle Charity had its FIRST EVER MOTORCYCLE RALLY! And in true West Virginian nature it was titled “Not A Walk In The Park” which it revolved around 44 of West Virginia’s most beautiful parks!! Hoagy's Heroes

tamica hoagy

So here I am new to the whole notion of motorcycle rallies, like WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN??! We were emailed the 44 locations and given their GPS coordinates ONLY like where is the address??? My iPhone doesn’t register coordinates!!! BUT AHAAAA Google Maps does!! Now I’m excited. I’m highlighting all the big money points like I got this, then I’m like I have no idea where I’m proximity these places are to each other….out comes the handy dandy map!! I printed several WV maps so I could plot the locations and draw my path from there…easier said than done!! AND TO SOLIDIFY that I was doing it right George Miller aka Mr. 3200 in less than 48 hours reached out to share what he had created which was a map of all the points!! So I was excited that I was in the right track!!

On July 10, Hoagy Carmichael and I were forced to stop in the middle of our 48-state, 21-day
bucket list ride when Hoagy’s 2011 H-D Road Glide died at a gas station, to wit: the throttle
wouldn’t work. Once it was towed to your service department, Doug Rautio, Rick Wall, and
Niles Ferguson went right to work.