Who do I make the payment out to?

If you are paying by check, the fees for the ride need to be made out to "Hoagy’s Heroes Inc". All donations also need to be made out to "Hoagy's Heroes, Inc." as well.


If I do not complete the ride, are my sponsors donations expected?

Ultimately, that's between you and your sponsors. It's our goal to raise as much money as possible for the charity. However, if your sponsors are only willing to contribute to the charity if you complete the ride, there's nothing that we can do. We do encourage you to seek sponsorship from people that will be willing to donate to the charity regardless of whether you complete the ride.


Am I required to pay the Iron Butt Association fees?

No, you are not required to pay IBA fees to participate in the ride, but you must pay the IBA fees if you would like to receive an IBA Certification for the ride. Only those who submit the IBA forms and pay the fees will be recognized as part of any IBA records. In order to participate, each person must pay a registration fee and have at least one sponsor.


Do I need to submit the IBA fees and forms?

Any participant who wishes to receive IBA certification for completing the ride should submit their IBA forms and required fees to the Hoagy's Heroes volunteers at the end of the ride. Hoagy's Heroes staff will forward all completed forms and fees that are received after the ride to IBA. All you have to do is just sit back and wait for the surprise to arrive. We make it easy!


What charities will receive the donations?

Hoagy’s Heroes Inc. has designated A Special Wish Foundation, as well as Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund and the Augusta Levy Learning Center as the benefactors for the funds raised for our pledge rides. 


Are there any awards and prizes?

Yes. Awards will be given for such things as: the most funds secured by an individual, and the longest distance traveled by motorcycle to participate in the ride.


What if a rider has special needs?

Please make Hoagy’s Heroes Inc. aware of any special needs and we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate a rider's special needs. As much as we would like to, not every need or requirement can be met.


What are the rules for the ride?

Hoagy’s Heroes Inc. rules and recommendations can be found on our rules page. IBA rules link (to be posted shortly - their site is under construction).


Do you have any tips for a rider who has never participated in a long ride?

Please refer to our tips page or the IBA website tips located at http://www.ironbutt.com/tech/aow.cfm.


How do the IBA certified rides work?

Our designated route will be submitted and pre-authorized through the IBA. All participants that complete the ride and want to receive IBA certification must follow the rules for the ride to be qualified for recognition. Check out our Rules Page for the latest rules.

If you have registered and PAID no less than one month prior to the ride, your certificate will be ready for you upon completion of the ride.


What are the rules for an IBA SaddleSore ride?

We follow IBA rules. (link to be posted shortly, their website is under reconstruction)


How long will it take to complete the ride?

A Saddle-Sore (1000 miles) is to be completed in under 24 hours.

A Bun-Burner (1500 miles) is to be completed in under 36 hours.

A Bun-Burner Gold (1500 miles) is to be completed in under 24 hours.


How do I register for the ride?

Each ride will have it's own information page on this website, along with a regsitration form. All you need to do is simply fill out the form and submit payment.

If you wish to register for a ride via mail, please print out THIS FORM and mail with your payment to Hoagy's Heroes Inc. 315 4th St., Glen Dale, WV 26038


What is the cost to participate in the ride?

For all rides, there is a minimum of one (1) sponsor per person, plus a registration fee for Hoagy's Heroes, Inc.

If you ride in an Hoagy's Heroes IBA QUALIFYING ride and want certification, there will be also IBA fees. The DISCOUNTED rate $40 per rider/passenger. This fee will include IBA certificate, pin and plate back OR only $30 per rider for 'certificates only '. Passengers are offered an IBA Cert free with a paying rider. Prices subject to change

All of your expenses (i.e. gas, food, tolls, hotel, etc.) associated with participating in the ride will be your own responsibility.


Is there a deadline to register?

You can register up to 1 hour prior to the ride start time for all rides. You will never be turned away. The more the merrier!


Can I register the same day of a ride?

Yes. You can register up to one hour before the start of the ride.


Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes. Each person (riders and passengers) that participate in any Hoagy's Heroes, Inc. ride will be required to sign a waiver prior to the start of a ride. This will be provided at check-in or registration at the event. There is also an AMA Waiver.


Do I need to follow the designated route?

Yes, you must follow the designated route in order to be eligible to receive Iron Butt Association certification. Odometer mileage will be recorded before and after the ride. This is also true for any other Hoagy's Heroes, Inc. rides like the Dawn to Dusk. In order to receive your Original Hoagy's Heroes, Inc. patch you must follow the designated route. If you deviate from the designated route, your mileage could be wrong and may cause you not to receive a patch/IBA Certification.


If I start a ride, am I required to complete the designated route?

No, you are not required to complete the ride, but only those who complete the designated route within the established timeframe will be eligible to receive Iron Butt Association Certification or an Origial Hoagy's Heroes, Inc. patch. Sorry, there are no exceptions.


If I complete part of the ride, will I still qualify for IBA recognition?

It may be possible to still qualify for IBA certification even if you do not complete the entire route but you must still meet all of IBA's minimum requirements for the certification that you are seeking. For example, if our designated route is 1,050 miles but you only complete 1,000 miles of the route with in 24 hours, you may still qualify for an IBA Saddle Sore Certificate but you will be solely responsible to ensure that you have complied with all of the IBA requirements for Saddle Sore certification.

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is anyone who, on behalf of a rider and or a passenger, pledges money to the charities of Hoagy's Heroes, Inc. choice. In order to participate in the ride, each rider and each passenger is required to have at least one sponsor. For example, a rider participating with a passenger would require a minimum of two sponsors.


Why do I need to have a sponsor?

The primary goal of Hoagy's Heroes Inc. is to raise money for charity. In order to participate in the ride, each rider and each passenger is required to have at least one sponsor. For example, a rider participating with a passenger would require a minimum of two sponsors.


How many sponsors do I need?

Each participant must have at least one (1) sponsor. Since our primary goal is to raise money for charity, we encourage each participant to secure pledges from as many sponsors as possible.


Who can be a sponsor?

Any person, business, or organization can be a sponsor. You can even sponsor yourself. Each participant is required to have at least one sponsor.


When do the sponsors donations need to be collected?

We encourage everyone to collect donations prior to the ride so we can collect them following the final check-in. If donations are not collected prior to the ride, they can be mailed to us later. Please see mailing instructions on our registration page.